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Buyer demanding extra work

Hi fiver community.
I got custom order a few days ago of 5$.
There were 4 fixes in wordpress theme. I have done that fixes and deliver order. Buyer didn’t accept delivery. Order was mark completed after 3days.
After that Buyer request for new thing. I fix that as well.
Now buyer requesting daily a new fix. I have fix more than 10issues. Still buyer demanding for more. And saying that if you not do this I will give bad review.
I am level 2 seller and have done only 4 orders this month. If buyer give me bad review my rating will go down.

Please need your kind suggestions.
Thanks and best regards.

If the buyer is threatening you with a bad review then report the matter to CS as it’s against ToS.

Thanks for your reply.
CS will take 24-48hours to reply. If buyer give 1star then CS will remove that review?
There are two days in evaluation if my ratings go down I will demoted to level one :cry:

Why didn’t you ask them to place a new order?
If you keep doing free work then what did you expect?

I get it, you’re dealing with a scammer, but you opened the door for him by agreeing to do free work.

Even today you’re offering unlimited revisions with some packages. It’s just a matter of time before someone takes it literally and asks you to do 100 revisions.

I have send him a custom offer with no revision.
I have make further changes for free because of a good review. But he is demanding more and more.
Problem is he is demanding one thing after doing that then demand for another.
If he asked me all the things one time then there will be no problem for me. He is just wasting my time.

Of course he will ask more because you’ve already done some work for free. You shouldn’t do any work without an order. If he wants to then he can give you a bad review no matter what you do. So stop wasting your time.

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Yes agree with you.
Now please suggest me what to do.

You move on.
If he wants to leave you a bad review then that’s he’s right and CS won’t remove it.
If he wants more work from you then he has to place an order. Although I wouldn’t recommend working with that buyer anymore.

So, simply send a polite message explaining that the previous order is completed and you will not do any further work for him. You can even say that most likely you’re not a good fit and recommend him to find someone else.

At the same time you should still report him to CS for threatening with a bad review, but that’s about it. Maybe CS will ban them maybe not, but this is not your concern anymore.

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Thanks. Will try this

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When I had just become a level 2 seller over a year ago, I faced a similar problem. This buyer was continuously demanding some changes even after auto-completion of the order. They threatened me of a dispute on the completed order. I was frustrated with all this. I wrote about it to the Fiverr Support. I wrote how I am afraid of a low star review and how the buyer is threatening me.
Next day, when I tried open my account, I observed that I was logged out(I never log out) which was quite strange but I when I tried to log into my account I got a big warning message. The warning said that I have violated ToS and contact support. I contacted support for this issue and got a reply that I tried to trick the system for a review and provided free service to get a high star rating.


I took the flying arrow in my heart.


Thanks @shubh2012 for sharing your experience.

So it’s against fiver TOS to provide extra work to client for a good review? Correct me if I am wrong.

Yes, it is totally against the ToS.