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Buyer demanding for refund but order is marked complete

Here’s the situation. I have a 3 day lead time in one of my gigs. I delivered the raw file as per requested in the gig, within the proper time frame. When I came back to my computer, the client had sent me messages that he was unsatisfied with the work, so I edited and sent the edited file back to him. Then he got back to me saying not to bother (after I’ve already sent the edited raw file), marked the order as complete, and sent me an average review.

The problem begins now that he’s asking for a refund on the job order, saying he feels scammed. I do not feel that it’s fair, since I wasn’t even given the chance to see what other corrections we could have done before he marked the job as complete and sent me a review. I’ve sent him the raw file and have never been late in any of our previous transactions. So I honestly don’t feel that I should give him a refund.

Any advice guys? And if I am to provide him a refund, I’d want to provide only half because I did the job, but was never given the chance to correct it. Is it possible to request from fiverr support to refund him only half?

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I had same problem and got negative review on one order, and never had order for that gig anymore.

Made all what that person wanted, and she wanted to give her money back or she will give me negative review. I said I would be happy to make changes as she wants. And she gave me negative review without contacting me about changes. And it was only for 5$ order, but I made alot more for her worth more then 5$.

I gave her money back, but she didnt use mutual cancelation and review stayed. So she got job done with money back with giving me negative review.

You can cancel order to give that person back money, but if that person dont accept mutual cancelation, after 2 days (I think) cancelation will be accepted on their side but review will stay. So that person will get money back and you will still have review.

Only way to remove review is if person accepts mutual cancelation. At least support told me that.

I think it is better to give money back and remove bad review then to have money with that review. But that is my oppinion.

Good luck whatever you decide

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Reply to @arty182925: Thanks for the reply. I mean, if it was $5, it would have been an easy decision to make, but this was $20 and it could go a long way for me.

What truly ticks me off is the fact that I have never delivered late for this buyer and have broken my back just to please him. But you’re right, rather than have a headache over this, I’ll just cut my losses and refund.

I should have honestly listened to my gut instinct and cut ties with him a long time ago. I knew he was trouble even way back then.

By the way, will it still affect my seller ranking now that I have cancelled that specific gig? What can he do that could possibly damage me? - See more at:

I had a similar situation at one point.

But… because I sensed a strange attitude in the client and the possibility of a negative review on the horizon, I set aside a couple of hours, and created four more additional versions of the clients voiceover in very different styles, delivered them along with a very nice note.

Basically I took the old school approach of “The customer is always right” (even when they are wrong), went extremely far out of my way to make them happy and as a result, not only did they accept the delivery, but they gave me a stellar review.

I think sometimes people just have really bad days (we all do… I know I do anyway), and they are unknowingly taking their anger and frustration out on an easy target (that person struggling to make a living on Fiverr).

Perhaps you and I get to be the people who can help make their day a little better. It’s not always easy (far from it), not always fun (that’s why it’s called work), and it doesn’t always turn out good (but sometimes it does).

Just my two cents… which is probably worth about two cents… :slight_smile:

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I think its extremely unfair that you are not able to see the issue from your buyers point of view. The buyer provided you with over 10 gigs in the last 3 weeks all of which you accepted. On several occasions you made mistakes that were really school boy errors. The real problem was that you were instructed to do a gig and you completed ignored the instructions and did something else that you weren’t asked to do. When the buyer asked you to rectify the job you had done you didn’t leaving it useless. The buyer has asked you to actually do the gig that you were instructed to do and now you removed the gig totally. Not only this your communication was slightly aggressive and intimidatory.

It was only when the buyer complained to fiverr that you actually replied back to him quickly . Please be honest and give the full side of the story and not a candy coated version which does not paint the full picture. Please remember you are providing a service and therefore ignoring basic instructions and opting to do things you were instructed to do really is not an option

Reply to @reverbdominatio: i think your right . The bullying buyers into accepting inferior goods and services is so 1980’s

Reply to @reverbdominatio: i think your right . The bullying buyers into accepting inferior goods and services is so 1980’s

Reply to @acetoys: I can give my full side of the story, but probably the only thing that will happen is that we will agree to disagree. You will have your side, I will have mine. But instead of hauling all these out now and going through an emotional roller coaster of emotions, I would rather we move on with our lives. As I mentioned, I already initiated the refund.

I am sorry things turned out this way. I started this discussion with a frustrated mindset but I kept myself in check and dared not mention your username. But apologies are due if you feel I have offended you.

I’d be careful about how you approach this customer. Depending on how much the gig was, it may be best to just apologise and refund the customer and be glad you won’t get a bad review out of it.

You need to ask yourself “Is $5 worth ruining my hard work”?

all i require is simply what i paid for… it that to much to ask. if that could be done we can both go our way amicably …i don’t leave negative feedback … to grown up for that…but i asked for one thing and you gave me another

Reply to @gwendy730:

He cant do anything more then bad review. And we all know how negative reviews effects on new buyers.

After I got negative review what was quite new gig, I never had order on that gig anymore.

You can do by not replying on 5 year old thread…

And also, ask Fiverr support about it

Edit to add: Also, please don’t call people “dear”