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Buyer Demanding WAY too Many Revisions - Am I going to get screwed over on this?

Ooook, I’ve got a buyer that wanted me to touch up a portrait and he’s starting to drive me up the wall with the absurd number of revisions he’s asking for. I even threw in two hours of work for free to paint in an ear for him since there was some stuff he wound up wanting removed from the pic after he ordered, no biggie. Since then, he’s asked me to do extra work for free (which I said no to, but cut him a little bit of a break on pricing for) and has asked for many, many, many revisions. I’m about ready to tell him to get lost (the latest “revision” he wants done would actually only involve turning up the brightness on his monitor so that he can actually see) but I don’t want to risk losing the money that I’ve worked really hard for, and I don’t want to risk a bad review. WTF am I supposed to do with this guy?

You need a revision policy.

I’ve had those before, I would just explain that either the revision you did is the last or the one you are going to do is the last. If he’s unsatisfied but you delivered what was requested and what you stated in your gig, mention that to the customer, in a nice way… Also do what bachas said make sure you state your revision policy very clearly in the gig, so the next time 50 thousand revisions buyer comes around you can be like “My apologies but I only offer 2 revisions per gig, if you would like extra revisions you can purchase an extra gig” .

That’s why I made it very clear that I will NOT do multiple revisions. I only offered one revision. If the buyer still want changes despite me following exactly what they want then they have to order another gig.

On my new forum and blog comment gigs, I clearly stated “No Revisions”, I’ve noticed a fair few heavy sellers don’t do any revisions at all and they still make a buck, so why not try it.

And yes, if I was reliant on my Fiverr income, I’d probably be offering revisions just to try and get a few more orders. :wink:

The problem is that even if you have a clear revision policy or clearly state what your gig delivers, you’ll still have buyers who just want everything for next to nothing.

I actually find it quite disappointing that there’s very little protection for sellers from these kind of buyers. You’re held over a barrel; either cancel the gig and get a black mark next to your name or risk a negative feedback.

OMG Im in the same boat too! I made this whiteboard scribe for this buyer, everything was going fine, I turned in the gig early, then waited for the buyer to respond, took 2 days to hear back, then they say ohh, the video is supposed to sync with a voiceover, that they forgot to give me, So cheerfully I adjusted it, delivered. 2 days later, the buyer states that its too fast, to slow it down. I slow it down. 3 days later the buyer says to take some things out of the video because its too long now! OMG I have completed over 10 of these gigs already and still on this one, because the buyer cant make of thier mind! I am always happy to do revisions! Always, but I really feel like this customer is taking advantage of me. I will NEVER talk rude or in an unprofessional manner to my customers, but at the moment, I just really want this one over.!

Talk about OVERDELIVERING! haha

Ill just sit here and smile :slight_smile: I love you Fiverr!

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gamersuscentral said: because the buyer cant make of thier mind!

To me that's the best thing about Fiverr - even the pains are over fairly quickly; there's a set time-limit. In my 'real job' I have clients that will drag out dozens of revisions over months! And the worst part is almost every time they ask for one, they need it "IMMEDIATELY" - like within two hours - and when they get it back (within the two hours and exactly what they ask for) they'll disappear for weeks or months -no confirmation, no "thanks", no replies to follow-ups, only to show up again with another "IMMEDIATELY" for the same project! And then I have to wait more weeks or months for the payments to go through their accounting department - if they haven't decided to cancel the job.

That's why I always laugh when folks complain about waiting two weeks for payment here - they obviously have never worked in the real world. :) IMO Fiverr should remain a cheap place to provide quick work - otherwise they're opening up the real world can of worms and things will get crazy. I guess we'll see how V2 pans out.

I think what they did is a modification request limit that is literally set ON the gig. That way, the buyer knows clearly and can only submit modifications until they reach the limit.

It is best to cancel and say goodbye. I know it is tough after many hours of work, but if you get a bad review, it could effect getting future jobs. In most cases the modification button is being abused, not by all, but a lot. The TOS says

Buyers may use the “Request Modifications” feature located on the Order page while an order is marked as Delivered if the delivered materials do not match the seller’s description on their Gig page or the requirements sent to the seller at the beginning of the order process.

Many times buyers request for modifications for additional or new changes.

You can put in your gig description “no modifications” but that won’t stop them from using it. It is there, they can use it, no matter what your words say in the gig description.

I wish you luck

One idea for Fiverr would be to let sellers be able to ‘turn off’ the modifications button. It should be obvious whether a gig has this option turned off or on but possible to reactivate it, say if the buyer pays the requested extra modification. I guess it does create a little more risk for buyers but it would be good to stop the crazy situations that arise when someone wants an unreasonable amount of ridiculous changes, then cancels the gig and tries to ‘steal’ the work. I like the idea of a modification request limit too.

Reply to @academictext: I like you idea, but I doubt if Fiverr will go that far. I would be happy if they made the modification button a mutual agreement button like they do with mutual cancellations.

Also when there is a modification request, fiverr should extend the time of delivery by 3 to 5 days.

Reply to @steveeyes: I agree with you on both accounts, it’d be nice to see Fiverr doing more to promote high quality gigs and sellers as I feel it actually puts a lot of people off using the site when they get dreadful work from someone who clearly doesn’t care and hurts revenues for us all.