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Buyer demands way more revisions

Hello.Hope you 're good today. Hope im posting in the right section this time :slight_smile:

My name is Elsa and im a new seller trying to understand fiverr’system since April of this year.

Im providing web developement & design services(classic) . Some of you might know that this job is really time consuming. And everyone knows that time is money . But from the other side. “Client is always right” and he must get the product that he paid for.

So i was working on a medium size project. The buyers was cooperative(at the start) . We start a custom order with lower price than my usual pricing. With 2 revisions in total. And exaplained him that he can get his money back if he didnt like my final work.

Everything went well until i delivered the product . ( i know this kind of service needs at least 1-2 revisions) . I complete all of his request even for all of the 2 revisions(+1 Free revision cause i want all of my customer happy). He accepted the final product. He made a 5 star review (thank you sir) .

The next day i check my inbox and saw from the same client requesting more modifications on his website. (To be honest they wasnt modifications, they was extra addons) Revision number 4 complete without problem. FOR FREE. Then he asked for more “modifications” and i told him that i complete everything in his requirement list and i did extras for free. Then he said " I need my website complete until friday,or i will change my review to negative and i will report you "

If this happen to my office i would ask him “Do you want to pay 500$ with credit card or cash” . But this is fiverr and im still “starting” to build reputation.

So at the end i complete the website exactly how he requested. Spending time for 2 website creations and getting money for a half.

So now my question what should i do if get any other customer like him? How should i charge revisions? Can i deny any modification after the buyer mark the order as comple?

Sorry for the long post. Have nice day.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Report this to fiverr. This buyer sounds like a bully. Send a request to the support team explaining that the client was satisfied and even provided a positive review. The fact that they are trying to threaten you by changing the review is against fiverr policies. Fiverr Support is there to help you and prevent fraud. Send screenshots to make their lives easier!

Recently I had a bully buyer who was very friendly. He tried several time to exchange contact information outside of Fiverr. I explained why this is not happening and so asked for a custom offer.

The minute after he ordered he tried to get things done for free and used a very abusive language against me. I didn’t hesitate a second to tell him that I will do nothing at all for him, will cancel the order an report him to CS, who could also read the messages with all the attempts to violate the ToS.

As soon as he threatens you to give you a bad review and behaves like a bully, the buyer is digging his/her own grave. Nothing to worry about.

Thanks guys for your answers but. What should i do when someone demands more revisions?

Do the first one for free but do let the buyer know that any extra revisions will be charged. If they ask for more revisions, send the buyer a custom offer for them.

I had a look at one of your gig and you offer 1,2 or 3 revisions depending on the package. All revision requests will be logged in the conversation of the gig. So if the buyer becomes unreasonable and threatens you with a bad review, you have proof for CS that you did what you were paid for. Just as easy as that.
I don’t offer revisions personally. I would only do them out of courtesy.

Thank you very much guys. :slight_smile:

Devlblack, you need to specify in your Gig Description exactly what you will do for free (up to 2 revisions) and what you will charge for each subsequent revision as a Gig Extra. In conversation with the Buyer prior to or after Gig is ordered, specify EXACTLY what you will provide. In this case, you delivered what you promised including free revisions, and got a 5☆ review. If the Buyer wants to request additional revisions, you send a Custom Offer based on whatever you have specified in your Gig Description for additional revisions. Otherwise, contact Support for any abusive behavior.

I already have additional revisions as extra. But its not showing up on my gig. :confused:

Just don’t offer revisions.

I translated a website for a client and it would take him a couple of weeks to put the translation into the new website and set everything up.

We just handled the transaction as usual and AFTER the gig was marked complete and reviewed, I told him that he could reach out to me when the website was up and running. I wanted to check if he didn’t make any mistakes by implementing the translation. Free of charge, as I’m keen on quality.

He was very glad with this and a couple of weeks later he asked me to have a look and I did. I saw that he forgot something here and there, he fixed it and I wished him good luck.
A little later he asked me how much time I’ve spent checking the website and I told him. In return he ordered two gigs, payed and marked them complete immediately, in order to make up for my time.

I disagree with your statement. To say, “don’t offer revisions at all” is a bit absurd. I am a seller who primarily offers written services. You would think text would be a service where people ask for many revisions, but it has proven quite the contrary. I offer unlimited revisions for most of my work and have not ran into any problems. I rarely get asked for revisions and if I do, its very minimal. In the future, I intend on downsizing my revision count to about 3 in order to avoid irrational customers, but I would never go as far as to not offer any at all.

It works for me and I always go the extra mile anyway.

Hm, in that case, to each his own I guess! haha