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Buyer detracting tax from the price?

Please, help.

I’ve been contacted by a buyer who wanted an urgent work. I asked for their budget and they told me they can pay 15$ - 20% for Italian taxes. As we all know, Fiverr also detracts 20%. So, what will remain? About 9,6$! But is it correct and normal that the buyer detracts the tax? In this case, it’s like I’m gonna pay the tax twice, one to the buyer and one next year when I’m going to make the yearly declaration.

Am I missing something?
I’m confused.

No, it’s not normal. Your buyer’s taxes and overall financial situation is not your concern. Your price is your price, you get paid in full and only owe 20% to fiverr.

The buyer just wants a discount and is trying to be sneaky about it.


No. This is not how Fiverr works.

If you wish to negotiate a custom offer then that is your choice. But…

…receiving $12 minus Fiverr’s commission - leaving you $9.60 (before currency transfer fees!) for an urgent job does not sound very appealing!

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