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Buyer dictated the entire design, let me finish, now wants to cancel

So I have been working with this person on a design for a cover for over 3 months now, it is has been very slow going because they have edits on edits they send edits then decide they don’t like them and have me revert back and then revert back those, it’s been simi nightmarish, to the point my eyes sorta glaze over reading his super long revision list.

That being said this buyer provided the artwork for the cover, they dictated the whole entire design, down to the color and font placement, I am extremely easy to work with so I just followed directions. This buyer also had 2 versions of his cover done in two languages, I did the English version, he signed off on it multiple times, says “oh it’s great, it’s good, I love it”. Before we started on the other language version I made sure the English one was finished, he agreed and said it was done.

I finished the entire German version and then he gets back to me with, well I took out the cover on the street and it’s a failure people said it’s not good, so I want a complete refund. He also told me he went to law school (whatever that means) and that I would lose if I tried to fight him on a refund.

I mean I know how Fiverr works and I think it’s a good system, but it’s just so frustrating to be in this situation, and I super vet people I work with to try to weed people out who do this type of stuff or are flaky.

I’m curious what you guys do, do you just take the hit and cancel and lose about 3-4 hours worth of your time and months of revisions, or do you just refuse and let the order sit in your queue forever…?

He proposed giving me like 20% of the fee, which is ridiculous, I proposed I’ll take 70% he can have 30% back.

It’s just very frustrating, I do amazing work and I actually care and if the guy would have let me I could have made an AMAZING cover for him. I’m just not sure how I could have avoided this situation because at every moment he told me we were moving in the right direction with the cover and he loved it.

Well just wanted to rant a bit :confused: hope everyone is having an awesome day.

Rob W.

With your current excellent rating? Take the ‘bad’ review, it’ll barely impact it. You can, in turn, rate the buyer honestly, and respond to their review.

Even without your rating, I’d want to be paid for my time and effort.


This is literally against the ToS, so it would be a fat no from me. Let him leave a bad review if he wants. You worked on this for 3 months. Get paid.

These type of buyers, the ones that always have to control everything, specifically the design side of things. They are too difficult to deal with. He wanted a refund because he didn’t like his design after seeing it, he should let you design it. Or he should learn the programs and then he can do it himself…waste only his own time. Charge him, take the potential bad review and then review his bad review with professionalism. It wont affect your sales.