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Buyer did fraud with me by reporting fiverr that i have sent him wrong files and i get flagged by fiverr for violating TOS

As today i delivered one of the order and then my buyer contacted me that i have sent him the wrong files, i asked from him which files i sent you wrong, he didnt replied, again i texted him that which files do you need so i deliver you right files. as i sent the final files after his confirmation.
But before giving any revision or before contacted me he reported to fiverr that i have sent him wrong files/delivery. later he gave me the revision and said “You have sent me the wrong file…this has fiverr logo on the design”.
So my account get flagged for not delivering the right files, From fiverr i notified that i violated TOS.
But i have sent him right files. He have not downloaded the files from fiverr, he tried to save the files from browser, from where he got the fiverr logo on the files, without contacted with me so i guide him how he will download the files. he reported to the fiverr that i have sent him wrong delivery as i didnt.
i have contacted with custom support, what do you guys think, will i get the warning back or i have to wait till 30 days.


I have never been in this situation. Please send the screen shot of your clients message and tell the customer care that it was clients ignorance that he did not know how to work in fiverr order page.

May be that will help you…

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also buyer has given me revision, do i submit the order again or wait till i get confirmation from fiverr CS?

yes, i have attached the screenshots to the CS.

Did he able to download the file correctly after seeing your guide?

i told him but he havent replied to me. and also i am on revision should i submit the files again or i wait till CS get back to me?

Of course you should deliver the order again and tell your buyer that the fiverr logo was from the website for safety purpose, it will be removed after he downloads the file.
'Or you can simply remove the watermarks from your gig profile where it says put water mark on your delivery files. Just toggle the icon and that should be gone.

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The Fiverr logo doesn’t get removed even if the client downloads the file. The logo gets removed only if the client confirms/approves the order.

This is really getting ridiculous now. Can someone please explain why Fiverr has rolled out a reporting system which has absolutely no human oversight? - And how Fiverr expects people to work under this kind of new terror?

I have had several buyers request revisions because of the Fiverr watermark on images and in video preview boxes. There is also a very well-known scam where buyers drone “I can’t see the files,” and argue that files have not been delivered, despite this not being the case.

This has to stop very quickly. Fiverr is moving from nine months of shunning sellers to directly murdering their careers. Come on Fiverr. What are you playing at?


Many sellers have already talked about this problem here. The solution is really simple.
I don’t sell any service in the logo/graphic category but I have bought 2 gigs in this category and I (as a basic customer…) was very surprised to see the logo on the picture.
None of the sellers told me in the delivery message that Fiverr adds a logo on each graphic file and that I need to accept the order to dowload the file without this logo.
So, to avoid this problem in the future, add this information when you deliver your work. Your customer may not be aware that Fiverr automatically puts this logo !

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Sadly, it is not that simple. When this happens, buyers feel like they are being forced to accept deliveries. The only real way to completely avoid this problem is to send delivered files as message attachments as well as deliveries.

This undermines the protection which watermarks provide. However, since sellers don’t have payment protection anyway, there’s really no point worrying about it.

Also, there is still no way to prevent buyers like my last scammer buyer, from lying and saying that sellers have delivered non-relevant work. This entire reporting system makes Fiverr a bigger scammer playground than ever.

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I imagine that the watermark is important to avoid massive scam on this category but I don’t know this category enough to say a lot about that and to discuss about what is good or not.
I just want to give the point of view of an “honest” buyer and I want to give an advice to this seller in order to prevent the same problem in the future. From what I understand, his buyer was not a scammer. Let’s try to avoid problems with honest buyers! The information about the watermark in the delivery doesn’t cost anything but can be helpful for customers like me who discover this watermark.

The “simple solution” won’t work with scammers, but will perfectly work with honest buyers.

Handily, watermarks are mentioned in the buyer FAQ :

Why is there a watermark on my delivery?

When a seller delivers your order, you will see a watermark on the image preview. After you accept your delivery, you will be able to download the original image. This is setup to protect the seller’s work.

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This isn’t about honest buyers or dishonest buyers.

The issue here is that a seller was reported for having done nothing wrong. When this happens, one would assume that a human would look at why a seller has been reported, before taking any action. In this case, and your case yesterday, it is evident that this simply isn’t happening.

Your idea of adding a message explaining watermarks is fantastic. Sadly, not all sellers are as competent in English as others. At the same time, many buyers don’t have English as their first language.

There needs to be a complete revamp of the reporting feature and proper safeguards put in place to prevent situations like this. There are literally 100’s of things which can appear to go wrong with orders but which are easily fixed.

I’ve had buyers complain that the name of a video I deliver, followed by .mp4 appears on the first scene of their video. That’s because they are using VLC media player to playback files which displays video file names as videos start playing.

Also, realistically, I would have to write a book on SEO for complete beginners and deliver this with written content, to avoid speculation that I hadn’t delivered on an SEO article or meta description.

Sadly, it seems evident now that 150% payment fee increases to improve CS, have resulted in nothing more than a new CS instant punishment system. Your advice is sound. However, there is a much bigger issue which needs addressing here.

Edit: Plus we can’t ignore the fact that there are dishonest sellers on Fiverr. As soon as news of this report button gets out, they’re going to have a field day.


I cross the fingers for him and hope that the warning will be removed.

I agree that the “report” process can be dangerous. That’s the reason why we (sellers) must think about how we can avoid most of the problems with our clients. I am often very naive but on this point I don’t wait a lot from Fiverr!

Designers or logo makers are not the only one who may have problems with the files delivered. I (as other writers) can have some issues when I deliver word files.
I know that in some parts of the world there can be problems with some specific characters (accent, interrogation point…).
So, I have another “fantastic idea”: I ask the clients from some countries (those who don’t use the latin alphabet) to inform me if they find some symbols in the text instead of letters (sometimes I deliver a .docx + a .txt file).
I hope that this second idea will help some sellers…
I always try to avoid problems by myself. You talk about safeguard that Fiverr should implement. You know what? My best safeguard is myself !

You know what? Sometimes, that’s not enough, specially when you’re not in control… :neutral_face:

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I appreciate your positivism. However, expecting sellers to attempt to work around every hypothetical situation which might arise due to no human oversight of the report feature, is simply unreasonable.

If you can’t appreciate this, I suppose you are very lucky in a way.


My previous experiences help me a lot. I know a lot about crisis management and the main idea is that the best way to manage a crisis is to make every possible efforts in avoiding the crisis.

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May I say that nobody is in control?! :joy:

That’s right and that’s why Fiverr’s support and defense is needed. They’re the ones in control.

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