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Buyer did not Accept



I recently sold an article writing Gig to a buyer here on Fiverr. It has been two days and I haven’t heard from him as of yet. The Revenues page also shows the order as upcoming.

Will I get the 5 bucks if the buyer does not accept the Gig? I would like to emphasize here that he did not reject the article. He just did not respond after I delivered.


If you delivered the gig and he does not mark it as complete, it will automatically be marked as complete by the Fiverr system after 3 days. Upon that point, your revenue will display as “clearing.” :slight_smile:


Ok, but then that means I will be able to clear the revenue after 18 days instead of the average 14 right?


Yes…will at least you get your $3.97 after fee’s :slight_smile:

also you will find that after 14days if you keep getting orders you will be getting money cleared every day