Buyer did not deliver ANYTHING - what can I do?


Buyer said “thanks, here’s your product,” but did NOT post, attach, deliver anything! I have sent 3 emails that have had NO response. Isn’t there some sort of protection here at all?


I am assuming you mean “seller” yes there is you can Reject the delivery, just click the got problems link. Failing that speak to the customer support team


Maybe he just forgot to attach the product, or there was an error. Try the “Contact seller”, as exchanging emails through fiverr is not allowed and might get you in trouble. The email could be fake even to not get him into trouble for providing a real address.


It happen me lot! Files not attaching and i deliver blank pages :stuck_out_tongue:


You can contact with seller again, if you don’t get any response try to contact with Customer support.


its so sad… is the seller has a good reputation? some times it happens we attach files but they are not attached actually…:stuck_out_tongue: keep sending messages to the seller… reject the delivery and also contact the customer support :slight_smile:



i met this,i order 2 gigs and he send me nothing and i fk the seller but warn by fiverr


We recently received reports that your interactions with other users have been unprofessional.

We would like to remind you that in order to keep Fiverr a fun and clean place, it is important to use polite language, respond timely to other Fiverr users you do business with, and just generally respect your fellow Fiverree.

Please note that such warning may affect your eligibility for Levels and other features, as well as your account status.

are you kidding me right?now the thief Steal money in fiverr and you dont give me any support about this,so i ■■■■ the thief and you warn me,polite language?yes if you doing anything with polite and i will politly,but if you are doing that thing I can not accept,do you means i need to Respect thief and he stolen my money and i need to say oh!what the nice guy you take my money away without give me anything? how professional you are? what the fucking things you doing here,is you born the thief,the thief is your son .ok you dont give me any support i will leave this shit platform


i think the Customer Support will not be help i required a help ticket for 3 days now but not response but warn me on time and i will warn people be careful about this seller fragglesrock he stolen my $45 and $10 from fiverr,i call he to cancel the order but he delivery it, i think my money has gone,i dont care about $10 or $45,but fiverr make me So hard to accept. i make 3 time of Dispute all decline by the seller,and not any support for me in fiverr

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Reply to @ozzieuk: Yeah, I was confused about that too.