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Buyer Did not fill the requirements

Hello everyone,
Today I got an order after that I started waiting for the requirements. So, I can start my work but the buyer did not fill the requirements. Now I don’t know what to do. what do you know about this?. shall I wait for the requirements or automatically it will be canceled.


A buyer needs to fill in the requirements before he orders. It can be that you forgot it in an custom order. However if there is nothing in it and the order is a go. You will need to deliver something or try and ask the buyer for the stuff or a dispute.

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This is the most common problem I faced like you. Maximum time buyer don’t understand what they need to do that’s why they forget about requirements.
My strategy is to contact that buyer and asks him/her for the requirements until he/she don’t give me the requirements :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your response but the thing is the buyer is not coming online. what to do now

Sir, Tell me one more thing do we have this rule as well, if a buyer does not give the requirements, order will be cancel or completed ?

The order won’t be canceled automatically.

If the order is incomplete (i.e., the timer isn’t running), you can send the buyer a polite reminder in a day or two. Incomplete orders are harmless for your account. They just hang there. The buyer may even never return.

If for whatever reason the order is active (the timer is running) but you don’t have any information to work with, you can:

  1. send the buyer a polite reminder and wait for them to respond for as long as you can (without the order going late);

  2. contact CS and ask them to cancel the order (keep in mind that it may take CS hours to respond).


Thank ma’am
I want to tell you one thing, ma’am the timing is no working because that buyer did not fill the requirements. what to do now ma’am.

deliver something but before ask him about the requirement

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Sir, I don’t have any information about the buyer even the buyer did not the requirements

This will get you an account warning and a possible account ban. Maybe not this time but one day. Why are you giving out harmful advice like this?

Don’t do anything. The order will just hang there incomplete until the buyer comes back to fill out the requirements. Just don’t touch it.

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When I think so the if I do this my account may ban.

Yes this can be done, I was taking tension because of my account I don’t want to lose my account

i worked many project like that way

And you’re extremely lucky you weren’t banned yet. It’s a huge ToS violation.


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You won’t lose your account. It’s just an incomplete order. If the timer isn’t running, just let it stay there. I have one that hangs there for 2+ months. It happens sometimes.

You can send a polite reminder to your buyer every 2-3 days to provide the requirements. Just don’t spam them.


thanks & sorry don’t follow

May be it will cancel automatically after a certain period of time.

Hey, you’ve gotten several responses telling you -exactly- what to do.

I have had buyers take up to 2 weeks to fill in their requirements, because they forgot, or they realized their script was incomplete, or for who knows what reason. You don’t have to worry about it, it isn’t going to affect your stats.

Do what was suggested above and forget about it :slight_smile:

Do NOT deliver anything until the buyer has submitted the requirements.

It really is only a matter of time before you get a warning for this, or if you get flagged and they see you’re a repeat offender you may just lose your account.

Please read the Terms of Service - Fiverr’s ToS are actually not that dense and don’t take long to read through.

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Thanks everyone, for your tips. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Actually, you misunderstood my suggestion. I didn’t mean that. I meant that once a buyer told me the requirement in the message box & he placed an order. At that time I delivered that. I hope you got it. My mistake was i suggest him in a short form.

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