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Buyer did not give a review after working hard for 17 hours straight

So I got a buyer and since I am new and only have 3 reviews I gave everything I got to the design and ensured his satisfaction and working the extra hours creating pdfs and design concepts.

In the end he was satisfied and loved the concept but I am pretty sad he did not give a review :frowning:

How can I get trust because 2 reviews are from a returning buyer and 1 of them in from India. They all are from Asia and this makes me feel that people may think my reviews are fake because all of them are from Asia and I am currently living in Asia.

As per fiverr TOS I cant ask him to give review but how can I gain other buyers trust because they may think my reviews are fake because all of them are from Asia?

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Any Buyer does not owe any review to any Seller.

Every Seller started with 0 reviews. You have 3 reviews at the moment, it is a good achievement since you started in August 2020.

You can not ask for reviews, period. So how would you get your 4th review? Within the order process. Communicate effectively, professionally, offer alternatives to Buyer, show and/or explain them the value you would deliver, be interested in their business, ask only questions that are important for delivery, try to think like that Buyer.

I am confident in case you do this, your Buyers would leave more reviews.

Don’t think of countries too much. It is nonsense to trouble yourself with things like that because it is out of your control.

You do not choose Buyers, Buyers choose Sellers. Any country, every country.

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I didnt find that in the TOS. as far as i understand it’s not allowed to condition your delivery with a request for a review or things like that. just choose your wording correctly while communication with customers. while communicating with the client I think you can mention how client satisfaction is important for you, because this platform is based on ratings and reviews. I don’t think there is TOS violation in that.

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Thanks blavaro,
Your advice will really help me change my perspective :slight_smile:

Well I dont want to risk anything or take chances as I worked pretty harder and spent countless hours building my profile.

Thanks for your advice tough :smiley:

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