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Buyer did not give honest rating?

I have got an order I complete it and deliver it.I have done what the buyer wants me to do but after that buyer asked me for refund.I worked for 2 days and at end he gave me 1.4 star rating.Now i need help what should i do, bcz i am sure what he told me to do
Should i contact cs ?
Need help


CS will not change a buyer review. All you can do is to state what happened in your response to his review.


According to the buyer you didn’t deliver what you promised. It doesn’t really matter how many days you worked.
You can write a polite response to the review and explain your side.

It’s difficult to get orders after that so you might wish to reach out to external clients and bring some of them over to Fiverr. You have 3 years of experience so I’m sure you have some clients who might wish to order from you again no matter what reviews you have here.


You can contact buyer and asked me him/her humbly that you will make changes to designs if needed and asked him/her to modify the review

This could backfire and @moeen_raja could get a warning for spamming his buyer. :hushed:

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In resolution center, there is option “Asked the buyer to modify the feedback”

So i think my suggestion goes under that category but I m not denying your point of view
You can be right and we should always stay on safe end