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Buyer did not give review after recieved delivery


Hi I want to know that I delivered an order to a client after revision she like my work and send the message in inbox she is new to Fiverr she doesn’t know how to mark complete order… should I say to her that kindly complete the order I just want her review


You can guide her on how to mark the order as complete, I think she will see the option to leave a review if she wants.


You can remind her that fiverr will auto complete the order in three days.
But never ask for a review…,
It’s buyer rights to decide whether he/she want to give seller reviews…,
Seller rights is receive the money.


If you didn’t get the review after delivered. You should to good work for a review .


I don’t think that’s necessary. If a buyer chooses not to review, that’s their choice.


Hi, it’s happend to me.
I am new in fiverr and don’t know more about the rules.


Yes, you’re right
But sometimes the buyer forgets to give a review though complete good job. so, if need review, we should remind to ask buyer. It was hepend with me that’s why I said that. @somaginer1996


if she is new then guide her! However many times buyer don’t like to leave review so never force.


Asking for a review or rating is against fiverr TOS , you might get a warning or your account might be banned.
Autocompletion will occur with orders in three days. So do not worry


Asking for 5 star is against TOS! We can ask for review but can’t ask for a specific rating.


Writing the word review turns the delivery textarea red, doesn’t let the word pass.


I never used review I use feedback. May be you are right for review might be but we can ask for feedback as I do it but never ask for 5 star what ever I get I accept


very sad:sweat::sweat:


As said @ridwansugi you should not ask for a review


I am a buyer and a seller. When I get asked for a review it makes me :angry:.

I may be too busy. :dizzy_face: :dizzy:

I may not want to leave a review because if I did it would not be a good one. :open_mouth: :zipper_mouth_face: so I am giving the seller a break by not leaving a review.

Also, every seller should know that Fiverr gives the buyer two chances in the order completion process to post a review. Sometimes Fiverr even e-mails buyers reminding them to review the work a seller did. On top of all these reminders to leave a review having the seller ask for a review is just irksome. :roll_eyes:

Way to ask for review?
How can get a good review
I Need Your Help I Have Some Questions To Clear

she is asking how should i do this


yes she tell me how should i do this.


she does not know who to review she is new to fiverr


U can ask for review. Me as a buyer will review after product is working. I like buy software. Sometime i forget to review. Just teach step by step how to review.


how can i guide her … i was trying to send her fiver rule for buyer … but fiverr says that you are not allowed to do so