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Buyer did not give review after recieved delivery


Don’t give people bad suggestions please.


They are not required. If you force them, it may be a bit negative. Just leave it and hope the net will review you


she is new to Fiverr she does not know how to do


Yes i know that I did it always but still many of buyer did not gave their feedback and review


Yes, you are right.
Its depend on them


Its can we??


thank you, everyone… I send her the method how to accept order she gives me 5 stars thanks


Not all buyers leave reviews, and that’s all right. I’ve seen someone mentioning that you shouldn’t ask for a review, and I agree. However, one thing I’ve been using is leaving something like this at the end of the message that comes with my delivery:

‘‘I am looking forward to your feedback!’’ :slight_smile:

I must mention, I did see an increase in the number of reviews per completed order once I’ve started using it. It doesn’t necessarily imply that they should leave a review, it’s more like having their opinion on the work delivered either by message or through a review.


Not to worry, this happens, some give reviews and some don’t. Don’t ask for a review, reason, the client maybe less apt to contact you for future work, because you may look needy in their eyes. This is my opinion. Have a good day