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Buyer Did not leave review

Hello Sellers,

I’m a new seller but I’ve been on Fiverr quite long enough to notice that some buyers don’t leave reviews after delivery. This got me asking some questions which I hope y’all out there can help me answer cos I’m worried.

First, does it mean the order is not yet completed? And when the order is marked complete after the 3rd day does Fiverr add a review automatically?

Second isn’t it compulsory to leave a review of the seller after buying?

I delivered an order and the buyer hasn’t given any review yet. It’s the second day since my delivery and anytime I check, I notice that the buyer had been online a while ago. Could it be that he’s yet to view his delivery?

This may be nothing but I’m really worried, kindly drop your answers.

I think some buyers are lazy to write something xD

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  1. there is NO obligation to leave a review :slight_smile:

  2. fyi: only approximate 25 % of my customers leave a review… so what :wink: ?

  3. btw: Do you always leave a review if you buy something somewhere somehow?

  4. Relax

  5. Cheers


Dear no need to worry after 3 day your job will be complete.


There’s no need to worry. Some buyers don’t leave reviews. It’s alright. Won’t affect you in any way.

I’m still new-ish, too, and I hear your concerns. As NEW Sellers, we NEED reviews more than someone who already has hundreds, so while everyone else is correct, I will suggest that you do what I do. Now, when I deliver an order, I say something like, “Here it is! I hope you enjoy it; if you do and have the time and inclination, I’d appreciate your feedback.” Some sellers don’t recommend asking because you may end up with a bad review if the buyer feels like you’re badgering them for a review. That’s why I NEVER ask for a 5-star in particular, just “feedback” and why I say, “IF you have the time and inclination”; that lets them know I’m not applying pressure and only want them to do it if they want to and have time.

Please do take note, though, that some buyers don’t leave a review cuz while the work was acceptable, they weren’t thrilled, but they don’t want to sully your record with a less than glowing review. So you may want to consider whether you’re willing to risk receiving less than 5 stars before you ask, should that be the case.


Very helpful. Thanks @tee_hi

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Only about 60% to 70% of buyers leave reviews


Thank you all. Your comments were very helpful

It is normal here.
Some buyers are so busy to mark “as completed” the order or they don’t care.
Or sometimes they aren’t 100% satisfied so let it be automatically marked as complete.
(no review is better than bad review)
You may ask politely to leave a review, but not directly. Asking for review is against TOS.
(It may annoy them and they’ll leave a bad review)
Don’t worry about it.
Keep up the good work…


The order will complete after the buyer marks it as complete or after 3 days default time, regardless of whether a review is left by the buyer. Fiverr does not add a review if the buyer did not leave one.

It does prompt the seller to leave a review, but some people don’t bother. That’s just the way it is. You can try to remind the buyer to leave a review after the sale is complete if you like.

Your buyer may have viewed the delivery but just doesn’t know how to mark the delivery as complete or leave a review, or perhaps just doesn’t care to. Unfortunately I get this on occasion. Good news is that most buyers do.

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That’s a really low rate @babibalubi, in my case, 74% of buyers have posted a review

But, I agree, at the beginning, I used to ask myself “why they don’t leave a review” but now, it doesn’t matter! The important thing is getting orders

You’ve been around for years, so that makes a difference too… With a track record and repeat clients it’s less important, but still can make a positive difference if the numbers go higher.

For someone new today, in most categories there is far more completion as a seller, so collecting rating numbers makes a difference and helps you stand out.

Nobody knows how many gigs someone has completed or the scope of those completed. A buyer can only see the rating numbers and higher numbers make you a far safer choice for buyers.

That said, many newer buyers are just looking for cheap, so that leaves room for newer sellers to start low priced and grab those buyers to help build a track record.

We all have to find a way to build “social proof” that we can provide value to our clients, no matter our price point.

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[quote=“stanleyoj, post:1, topic:121817”]
First, does it mean the order is not yet completed? And when the order is marked complete after the 3rd day does Fiverr add a review automatically? [/quote]

The order will complete automatically after 3 days whether the buyer leaves a review or not.
Fiverr doesn’t add a review automatically. The only situation in which Fiverr adds a review automatically is if the order goes late and the buyer cancels for that reason.

No. As others have said, no-one gets 100% reviews. 65%-75% would be a reasonable expectation from what I’ve read of other sellers. Some of my biggest repeat customers have never left me a review. Don’t worry about it.