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Buyer did not left any review

i have completed my 17 orders but i have only 12 reviews, why my most buyers dont leave a review for me.


You cannot do that either. Please see this:


Careful giving out incorrect advice when trying to help others. Your intentions are good but some of your advice can land a person in trouble. Enjoy your day.


In my experience this is about average. I’m a five star seller who has been on Fiverr for seven years - about two thirds of my buyers leave a review.

I have a couple of longterm buyers who each order from me two or three times a month, and neither of them leave a review. It’s frustrating but just accept it.

And never, ever ask your seller to leave a review.


Oh Okay Thank you, i guess i got my answer, thanks a lot

Yes i have never asked any, but i was just curious that its common or i am missing anything. but i guess i got my answer now, thanks a lot to you sir !

What do you by this? should i not ask buyer to leave a review ?

Thank you a lot mate, you just saved me, really thankful to you

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Some buyers don’t care in giving rating…don’t look the rating do work carefully so that they can pleased…you can text buyer in inbox before delivery that please give me a good feedback so that I can get inspire to my next job ore works…dont tell him rating…Its Break TOS…be careful before written some words which break TOS…

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i got your point of view thanks for great advice