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Buyer did not pay for the video

The buyer usually asks for the video in chat box to see if he likes it and then asks me to send a custom offer.We worked on 5 projects like this and he paid me well but this last video I sent, he stopped responding and did not pay me above all he even uploaded it to his fb page .I know I shouldn’t’ve trusted him but when I used to send video with a watermark he used to say,’’ I am in spotlight for my work a lot , I don’t screw anyone.’’
What should I do ?

Follow the rules Fiverr have implemented and don’t start on a project until an order is placed. You can’t do anything about the situation cuz there isn’t an order. How is CS suppose to help?


So you started working without an order for a complete stranger? If so this is not how to operate on Fiverr, there is nothing you can do as the fault lays with you i am afraid, the buyer is under no obligation to pay you for work you have decided to undertake without a order.

?? he clearly states they been working on 5 projects like this with no issue, ordered, delivered paid.

This is his 6th order with the same person so hardly a stranger.

Give him time, maybe he can not log in to Fiverr or something. If he comes back for another video without paying for this one, kindly send him an offer and do not start working until he accepts and pays.

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Most, if not all buyers on Fiverr are strangers (unless you are using the “Fiverr anywhere” feature and personally know the client) you should always proceed with caution as you truly will never know the person behind the username. Repeat business can build up a relationships/trust but regardless of OP’s past experiences, their “trust” in the buyer has lead them into an issue by operating against Fiverr’s workflow.

Anyone who does provides their gig services before an order is actually placed is not operating correctly.

Unfortunately @amelia_mattew you will have take this one on the chin, you have no grounds to request money or payment regardless of what the buyer may have said, they did not place an order. Even asking for payment could get you into trouble because no work has been requested by the client via an order. The only thing you could do is send a custom offer and leave it up to them.