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Buyer did not pay me and blocked away

Hello Everyone.
Buyer Reuest:

I wanted to share my first experience with fiverr which was quite demotivating. As a new seller and in a state of excitement I didn’t know that the buyer has to place an order formally. He said me to do the work on the chat itself and I started doing it. After submission, he started to ghost me, and after 2 days of requesting him to give me an update or positives or negatives about my work he replied to me saying that he never asked for a 20-page long report.
I told him that he could have simply told me to do a revision but he kept on saying to read instructions carefully.

Using your own words no copy and paste

Company : Pepsico

Sub brand: Food

Your task:

Issue identification

Critically discuss the issue related to the selected sub-brand in detail.
• Again, ‘issues’ must be supported with appropriate evidence and data.
• do consider an ‘issue’ that will be exciting and have enough depth for you to build on later.

24hrs return

It never mentioned just 1 page and even if did I was ready to do a revision but in the middle blocked me.
Fiverr please do something about this. This is not acceptable. Rejection of work without payment nor giving a chance a revise it is totally demotivating to new sellers.

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About what? You were supposed to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service when you signed up, and you were supposed to know that you shouldn’t start working until the buyer places an order.

You’re the one who accepted to do the work before the buyer placed an order. Fiverr can’t protect you if you ignore how things are meant to work.


You should learn more about Fiverr before start working here. This is a lesson for you, Fiverr may not help you as you sent him the work without creating any order. You can go ahead and learn more about everything in Fiverr. Do you best work.