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Buyer did not place order then inbox to ask if I was finish

I received a message from a potential buyer earlier today asking me to do some transcribing…i checked n saw that the buyer was a top buyer so I thought oh well she knows the procedure. She sent the audio n asked how fast I can do the transcription I told her within the next hr. She said okay n I started to do the transcription then it clicked…she did not place the order so I stopped transcribing n waited after an hour I received a message asking if I am finish. I am a new seller n I have been taken advantage of a few times since joining…dont want the trend to continue…


If she’s asking you whether or not you are finished yet, tell her that you would be happy to finish any order that she places from your gig. If she places no order, don’t do any work for her. If she does place an order, complete it as requested.

She deserves nothing that she is unwilling to purchase.


Next time tell the buyer you can finish it within the hour (or whatever) after the order was placed, assuming that they don’t place the order while you’re sleeping.