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Buyer did not provide gig requirement but luckily clock hasn't tick yet

I offered a new buyer my gig from ‘Buyer’s Request’. The buyer responded by accepting my offer. However, I turned on the ‘provide gig requirement’ button and the clock hasn’t tick yet. thank goodness I did that because there were some missing info that I needed from the buyer. Though I message a few times, i could tell that the buyer has seen my messages but has yet to respond.

Is it wise to wait? I just need an affirmation from my fellow sellers on this.

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If you need the info to do the order, then yes just wait (it won’t be a problem if the clock isn’t ticking and order not started). Don’t send too many messages to them so it isn’t seen as spam, but enough so they know they need to send the info (maybe 1 or 2?). If after 7 days they still haven’t added the info & started the order it should be okay to cancel without it affecting stats.


thanks very much. knowing that it won’t affect my stats if the buyer doesn’t respond is assuring.

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At least that’s what it says in this link:

Note: After a week has passed from the original order creation, a seller can cancel the order without any harm to their cancellation ratio or ratings.

I would NOT cancel it. Period. Too many flaws in the automated system here that will assume you failed and it will count against you. Leave the order alone until your buyer responds with the requirements. I have quite a few orders from over the YEARS here that people “forgot” to fill in the requirement I need in order to do what I need to on my end. I have left them alone - let sleeping dogs lie. Unless you want to gamble with your completion and cancellation rate. I choose not to do that!


I agree. On Fiverr it can quite literally pay to be patient. It’s worth it, usually.

But isn’t it probable that after a certain length of time if the buyer still hasn’t filled in the requirements that they don’t want the order anymore? If the buyer no longer wants to proceed with the order wouldn’t it be best (most ethical) to give them their money back, in a reasonable amount of time (so they don’t lose interest on the money)? One downside being that they will lose the service charge ($2). But if they don’t respond to messages about the order for over a week or especially over a month/year they most likely don’t want the order any more. ie. even if it does affect stats (which it now says it doesn’t after a week), it still should be best to give the buyer their money back for a service if they no longer want to proceed with the order, and if it does affect stats it would be better to cancel a few at a time (low percentage of delivered orders) than have CS cancel them all at once after there are many which could give a very low completion ratio and a level drop.

Though I don’t think Fiverr used to keep the service charge. Ideally they wouldn’t but if the buyer doesn’t want the order they should get their money back, and not responding to messages for long enough should mean they most likely don’t want the order. Maybe it’s best to wait longer than a week to be sure (2 weeks or definitely no longer than a month I think) and if still no responses to request cancellation.

As advised by some of you here, I decided to not spam the buyer and let the gig be. It has been 3 days and according to what I can tell, the buyer has not log into Fiverr since then. I find it so strange as the buyer intended the gig to be completed in 24 hours. Why bother purchasing the gig when the buyer doesn’t plan on communicating with the seller? I’m so puzzled by this as I have not come across such as situation after being on Fiverr for almost 3 years.

i was trying to do this. but when i reach the last part of the cancellation that feedback to the buyer, Fiverr did state that my ratings might go down. I’m very unsure about cancelling it myself anymore in case I cause my cancellation rate to go up. Will asking the buyer to cancel the order himself be of a safer option?

You could check with CS or ask if they can cancel it without it affecting stats if you are unsure if it will. Though the help does say it shouldn’t affect it now if it’s >7 days without the order starting. But contacting CS may be best to make sure.

While it is admirable to be so honorable by wanting to return the buyers money by cancelling so they would not lose ‘interest’ on that money, the reality is that the chances of your account and stats taking a hit are way to HIGH to go in and cancel these types of orders. If that buyer was so worried about the money they spent and then forgot about, they can contact Fiverr and ask for it back. I am doing MY part by sending a message to remind them I need the requirement page filled out before I can begin on their order. I am not a babysitter to buyers - if they have the ability to click a link to order a service, they should also have the ability to remember they ordered it and to follow instructions to fill out the requirements. I am sure your noble attitude would change drastically if you got enough of this type of buyer and you canceled their orders, only to fall below 90% and end up losing your rank and placement on the site because you didn’t fulfill their order. I still say, “Let sleeping dogs lie.” Wake them up, and they are liable to bite you!


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If you do not have the important requisites it is impossible to have a good job. Unless the missing requirement does not have much relevance in the work you are going to provide. Anyway, keep communicating with the buyer until you achieve what you want