Buyer did not provide image for me to complete logo required gig? Clock Ticking!


Greetings, I have a buyer who ordered a gig last night. more then 12 hours later, they submitted the Order Requirements form stating they are attaching a logo… but no logo was attached. I replied within 5 minutes of them submitting the form advising they forgot to send the logo. Now 12 hours have passed, 4 messages sent and I still dont have the file. Its 1am here in NY… by the time the morning comes, I will have less than a couple of hours, and thats if they provide a logo. What can I do? Can I cancel the gig without penalty?

I emailed support 12 hours ago when this happened and no response.

Can anyone assist me?


====== UPDATE ======

No more then 3 minutes after posting this… the buyer contacted me with the logo.

Thank you just the same. :slight_smile:



Hey Marianna , you can use the cancellation request to stop the timer until the buyer send the logos, thats the only way to stop the timer for now (as far as i know)

glad to see this is resolved :slight_smile: