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Buyer did not Rate/Review

Hello Experts,

One of my jobs were not rated recently and it auto-closed. It got marked completed after 3 days of delivery, alright but the Buyer did not rate that job. Now, in my Sales Dashboard it shows 10 Reviews, 0 Negative and 1 Not Rated. And the Doughnut shows 10/11 positive reviews! (Please check the attachment)

I am sad.

Does this effect my overall star rating? Will it go below 5.0? Till now I have got all 5 star ratings.
Can the buyer rate it now, as the job is auto-completed?

Please help to clarify the doubt. Thanks a lot to all of you, who can spend a minute or two to explain the situation.

Additionally, where can I see my star rating? I am not able to see that anywhere.

A lot of buyers choose not to leave a review for various reasons and that is not a big deal. Don’t worry. Your buyer can leave a review within 30 days I believe. This does not affect your stats in any way. About 1/3 of the clients usually don’t leave a review.

Thanks a lot, Annai80. I just wanted to know if that is going to hamper my rating. I still push all my clients to rate my work and leave a comment. I am sure that will help getting more clients and also help me improve, if I err!

30 days to leave a review? Even after the project is closed? Awesome! Thanks for confirmation as well.

Looking forward to learn more, work more and earn more, on Fiverr! Thanks to you all…

No a buyer can leave a review within 14 days after the gig is marked as completed.

10/11 positive reviews!
Means that out of 11 orders you have 10 positive reviews.
Also, do not force the buyer for leaving a review. Some buyer do not consider worrying you by leaving a negative review so they do not review.

I will be so happy if any of my buyers are actually irate with me and prefer not to leave a bad review :slight_smile:

That’s not the case here, though. The job was small and very simple. I delivered quickly as well. The buyer, I guess did not even check that as yet. But whatever the case may be, s/he did not rate or review the work. So, I moved on…