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Buyer did not reply after delivery

Hi fiverr’s
I am new, I have delivered my 3rd order , buyer is online but he did not reply , and not completing my order, project delivery Duration is one day, is there any worry about it ?
is this order can be canceled by the buyer after one delivery? please guide


If you have delivered your order, the buyer cannot cancel it - however, the buyer has 3 days in which they can request a mutual cancellation if they don’t like the delivery.

Buyers don’t always mark the orders as complete - some buyers take the delivery and go on with their lives :slight_smile: Other buyers mark the orders as complete and optionally leave reviews.

Unfortunately you can’t force a buyer to mark the order as complete, nor leave a review. This is their choice.

NOTE: if a buyer doesn’t mark the order as complete, Fiverr will automatically mark the order as complete in 3 days since delivery :wink:


Thank you so much :slight_smile: now i am relax :slight_smile:

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@Woofy31 great work:ok_hand:

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I see…
Does this mean if a seller delivers a product, the buyer will have to accept it even if the quality is not upto the mark? Does the buyer not have the option to reject the product and reject payment? Can the buyer reject it only if the seller also agrees to cancel it?
So if the seller thinks the product is good enough and rejects mutual cancellation, then the seller will get the money anyway after a certain period of time, and the buyer will not be able to do anything other than leave a good or bad review.
Am I correct in my understanding of how this works?

So many questions for poor old woofy! :wink:

The only way a buyer can get their money back is if they cancel - here’s an explanation from the buyers’ help centre about cancellations from a buyer’s point of view.

If this doesn’t answer your questions, please feel free to open a new thread of your own. :sunny:


Thank you so much,It helps a lot


Brother thank you for your help.
it will help a lot to the new sellers like me
hope we will get more tips from you :purple_heart:
again thank you :heart_eyes:

@mehro1714 No need wait for Buyer Reply after delivery. And Keep mind Never ask for Review. otherwise Account will be banned .
Thanks !

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Thank you So much @sweet2

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