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Buyer did not reply

A buyer bought my service and after a day I asked him in the messaging that if he liked my work or not but he did not reply. I know that he was online and he was also very polite during the order but I want to know that if my message reached him or not?

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There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review or feedback.

It is up to a buyer as to whether they want to leave a review or not.

Fiverr reminds them to do so.

Just leave your buyer alone and move on.

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I did not ask for a review. He left a 5 star review already but we did not talk after the order completion.

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If you have good service then there is no reason to worry. Maybe the buyer is busy so not replaying. Keep up the work. Best of luck!

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Just leave it. He was obviously happy!

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Why would you talk after the order completion? He already expressed his opinion with the 5 star review. Once the order is over, it’s over, and the only thing you can accomplish by nagging your buyer like that is to annoy them.

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It would be very common thing that your buyer may be busy with some other work. Don’t worry once he or she will be free will reply you if you need to know something about your delivered work.

You are a seller. He is a buyer.

You are not friends. You are not brothers.

You did the job, he left you feedback.

End of story.