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Buyer did not submit required info and not answering my messages

I have this buyer who contacted me 1-2 weeks ago to ask about my services, and I answered all of her questions. A couple of days later she asked more questions and I replied and gave her more details. She was really happy and satisfied that she put an order. But she has never sent me any required information. I tried sending her reminder and messages but she never replied. Although I can see that she is always online (I can see that she was online 20 minutes ago today). I don’t know what to do… there is only 4 hours left for the delivery and I have no idea how this is going to affect my rating. What is Fiverr’s stand in situations like this?


You clicked the “Skip all requirements” button?

You mean “I have all the information I need” button? If so, no. I did not click that. My gig is about editing photos, I can not do anything without having the photo files from my clients. So client knows that.

Yeah sorry I mixed it up. The timer shouldn’t have started if she didn’t submit the requirements. The order will be cancelled automatically.

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You might have to cancel anyway. You plain can’t do the order.
What did they put in the requirement’s field?

Nothing. She just put the order. I’ve been waiting for the requirements. The order is now labeled as “incomplete”. Not sure if it is gonna affect my stats.

If it stands ‘late’ for two days, it will cancel without your input and cause an automatic-one-star.

… When an order is very late, it will automatically be canceled resulting in negative feedback. … Fiverr encourages sellers to deliver on time. However, if it’s not possible, then we recommend using the extended delivery time option offered in the Resolution Center.

Hi @cagdasyoldas, may I suggest you to set requirements mandatory to prevent the clock from starting. This will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

To do so, you just need to edit the requirements of your Gig(s), ticking where it says “Answer is mandatory”.


It’s actually mandatory. But i could see on my screen how much time left for the delivery.

So, despite requirements being mandatory, the order got started. Am I understanding correctly? If so, then it means your buyer must have attached at least 1 file.

No. it did not start.

Ok. Then, if the order didn’t start, you can’t say there were only 4 hours left for you to deliver. Where did you get that from? The order is still in the awaiting requirement status.

There are 2 possible ways for you to solve this:

  • Message your buyer reminding her to attach the file(s) to the order for you to start working. In your message you can add that, as long as she doesn’t attach her files, the countdown won’t start and, hence, the order.

  • If you still get no response from your buyer, wait for more than 7 days, counted since the date the order was placed, and then contact CS politely asking them to please cancel the order, without affecting your stats, as the buyer never submitted the requirements.

I already contacted the CS. Waiting for answer atm.
It was showing the timer on the phone app. But it doesn’t show any timer onthe desktop browser. On the desktop browser, it says “ORDER NOT STARTED. We are waiting for the buyer to submit the requirements.
Until then, the countdown for this order will not start”.

Also, it shows the order “ACTIVE”. and it used to show “WAITING FOR REQUIRED INFO” (or something like that). But now it shows “INCOMPLETE”.

I’ll wait for CS answer and see what’s gonna happen.

Customer support takes long time to respond these days mate.Contact fiverr on facebook and explain them the problem and send them the order ID and complain ID.They will assist you


Has this worked for you? Contacting Fiverr on facebook? Have you actually had a ticket resolved this way?

An agent on Facebook is not going to be able to extend or cancel an order or contact a buyer on your behalf.