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Buyer did not submit requirements

Hello everyone.

I am facing an issue. Buyer placed an order almost about 2 hours ago without communication. When he placed an order i told him to submit his requirements. He did not submit any requirement. Even he did not reply my text. What is the next step for me?

Thank you.

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When they have the requirements, they will provide it.

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@datwriterguy How long i will wait for his/ her requirements?

As long as possible.
I have orders waiting for over 3 years ago on my order page.

@datwriterguy Thank you for your response.

The timer doesn’t run until they provide the requirements so it has no effect on your gig or account. All you can do is wait after you nudge them. You can also reach out to customer support after a while to see if they can contact them for you.


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I have also same issue. Buyer did not submit the Order requirement. It is $5 order. I message him several time but no response from buyer. It is almost 1 month but still waiting for the order requirement.
I know it will not affect my account standing because order timer has not started.
So I would suggest wait for your order timer to start. In the mean time you can work on other orders.

@shiv2015 Thank you for your response.