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Buyer didn't accept the custom offer and disappeared


Hey guys!

I’m just curious if you give a custom offer to a potential buyer and she/he disappears, is it a good idea to ask “are you still interested in?”

To be specific, I already was hired by him like 6 months ago for a bigger project and some days ago we discussed his new project that’s even bigger than the last one and then he asked me to send him a custom offer and BAM he disappeared. I downloaded his stuff for the project (that’s about 10 GB) and now I don’t know what to do with them! :slight_smile:


No if they don’t accept it then they aren’t interested. Just forget it. Also be sure to make that offer with a time deadline so that they don’t come back in six months and accept the offer when you might be on vacation.

Also having that time deadline will encourage some to accept the offer right away.

I wouldn’t have downloaded all that for someone who was just discussing it with you but had not yet ordered. Delete what you downloaded.


Wait for him/her to replay or accept your offer, don’t be pushy.


Thank you for your advice!
I’m a bit disappointed he seemed a cool person to work with. :slight_smile:


Hopefully he will come back then. My offers are only accepted a percentage of the time.

And I also notice the more we “discuss” something the less likely they are to buy. Do NOT discuss so much without an order. Stop responding, or respond more slowly. Some of them just want to talk to someone without any intention of buying.


No, I have been there before I was a TopRatedSeller, and sent a message to a buyer if he/she was still interested in.
They marked my message as a spam and I got a warning.
Good luck!


Then I won’t definitely do such things!