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Buyer didn't give any speficications

So, basically there is a person who gave me a negative review for no reason at all.

He gave me no specifications what so ever.

This is really affecting my gigs on fiverr. I don’t know how I am supposed to solve this.

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If you weren’t given any specification to work from, how could you deliver a finished gig?

If you needed more information to complete the gig, could you not have asked for it before the completed gig was due?


I did. He refused to work with me.


Why would a buyer order a gig and then refuse to work with you?

You should have cancelled the order as soon as it became clear you didn’t have the info you needed.

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He threatened me with giving me a bad review.

Not really sure what he really wants to be honest.

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If the order had been cancelled, there wouldn’t have been any delivery, and the buyer couldn’t have left a review.

You could have initiated the cancellation, or you could have asked CS to do it for you.

Now the feedback’s been left, there isn’t much you can do I’m afraid.

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So basically he wouldn’t be able to give a review if I canceled the order even though I delivered?

You should have cancelled before any delivery - how could you deliver anything when you didn’t have a specification?

If an order is cancelled, a buyer can’t leave a review.



Well, did he shed some light on why he was unhappy? I’m sure there’s more to this story :open_book: , him threatening to leave a bad review out of the clear blue sky is strange.


and what did you deliver exactly without having any order requirements? Are you a psychic?


Tell us what’s really going on Disco. :crystal_ball:
More to the story?

@discobot fortune

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:crystal_ball: Yes

I try my best to deliver even if I don’t have enough specifications.

There is a difference between no and enough, my friend…

I guess there IS more to this story.

grabs the popcorn :popcorn:

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Hey Kindly go back and apologise to him/her then beg her/him (even if you were not the person wrong) to modify the review.

Costumer is always right you know?

and another expert spotted.


Bad advice begging/harassing buyers to change reviews goes against TOS.

Feedback manipulation!


Thanks in a bunch…

Its never a bad advice. Sometimes you just have to act like a fool to get what you really want you know?
Since he is after the review not the money then is supposed to do all possible best to get into the costumer’s heart…

But what is your advice for this young man?