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Buyer didn't give any speficications

and how do you do that. :dizzy_face: Are you a cardiologist? :man_health_worker:


Well, I guess there’s nothing I can do about it.

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Play by the rules. When in doubt consult with Customer Support.

Acting like a fool is not the answer. :clown_face:
But, hey! If it works for you, then oh well!


hmmmmmmmm Really? Why

There is always a way to do that …wink

What do you mean, why?

I’m a freelancer. I have a buyer who follows me around on Amazon, downloads my series of short stories & novella, then returns it for a full refund. It’s annoying. I wish I could block this scam buyer but I can’t.

You think the customer is right to download, read then return?

It costs me hundreds to write, edit, proofread, format, design cover, book blurb, buy stock photos, etc. . . . And that’s just for a short story.

So, no, customers aren’t always right.


Customer support?Do you know a buyer can still cancel his/her order even if the order has been marked as complete?

Hellooooo…That’s why fiverr has their watermark…

I am a part time freelance author.

You can’t watermark ebooks, even if I could, it would serve no purpose.

As a warning, if you think customers are always right – those people will read this thread as a means to cheat you. If you’re right, stand your ground, if the buyer is right - do the right thing.

Just don’t let people take advantage of you.


Right, I think I’ve worked out what happened - the OP posted this and asked if it was a scam:

Everybody said yes it was, and to report to CS.

Quite why somebody would then pay for a gig to send a seller to a dodgy website I’m not sure.

Top and bottom of it is, the OP should have reported all of this to CS and had them cancel the order as well.

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@offlinehelpers Awesome, sleuthing skills! :face_with_monocle: :sunglasses:

No wonder why things weren’t computing! tsk, tsk, tsk

Thanks for putting the pieces to the puzzle together. :icecream:

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