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Buyer didn't leave a Feedback

Hello, Fiverr community!
So, today I had a chance of delivering to a new seller. It was a long project for less price (5000 words research paper along with interview questions at $10.) I honestly thought that the buyer would leave a great review but it turns out he was new to Fiverr, didn’t know how to leave feedback, and marked the order complete.
I feel so sad right now knowing I missed a chance of having an awesome review because being a new seller that how I’m supposed to be found, right?.
Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend:)



Sometimes the buyer will not leave a review. Be sure not to contact them and ask for one because: :arrow_down:


I understand it’s frustrating but buyers have no obligation to leave any reviews, they’ve already paid. Personally, when I don’t leave a review it’s either because the work wasn’t what I expected or I’d rather keep my purchase confidential. Either way, you aren’t entitled to one just because of the work you hand in.


One buyer Leave review like: “Type a comment…” So nothing is our hand. It is buyer choice to leave review. No worry Stay Happy…:slight_smile:


Okay! I’ll try to keep that in mind next time:)

You’re probably right:-)

You’re probably right :frowning:

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Will you keep it in mind or will you try? :thinking: Because if you ask for feedback you could get a warning or lose your account.


You said to the buyer that they could have left a review because you are a new seller
and they said “can I go do it now”

That is review manipulation and could get you a warning from Fiverr.

The buyer also refers to the word “assignment”.

  • article, essays & reports

The above is from one of your gigs.

Helping with essays and assignments is not allowed.

Offering to prepare academic work is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page and to offer such work will risk your account.


I faced same situation…:frowning:

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It’s all depend on them. Nothing to do! All are not same have to be prepared for all situation.

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