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Buyer didnt pay

buyer asked me to do a sample work and i did and gave the master file to him. after that he is no where to be find. what should i do…? its a 30 to 50 $ worth of work…

Nothing you can do, dude. Just know for next time. Scammers exist on these kinds of sites. Maybe the buyer will come back, but unless he bought your Gig, he’s under no real obligation to buy.

thanks bro… ya he didn’t buy my gig, just ask me to do it, if its ok with him he will give me more work like that…that what he said… so now he runaway with his work…what a bastard

That is very unfortunate that this happened to you. Be very weary of sending work to a client before they have ordered your gig. Hopefully he messages you again in the future, but if not lesson learned. All the best @synergycg!

Its me again, Client didnt pay me again. :(( Grrrrrr

Cant Fiverr ask client to pay?

He is ONLINE but dont answer my messages

BEWARE PEOPLE this is him
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Heard of this saying? … “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”

Learn from your lessons. If you keep providing them with free samples, you are going to get scammed at some point in the future. And a sample is a sample. It is not the final file. If they want something of 10 seconds, you only send them 2-3 seconds … Don’t send them the final product. Especially if it is going to take you a while to create it.
And lets say you just HAVEEE to provide a sample to someone … use a MASSIVE watermark. If they ask you to remove the watermark, you ask them to place the order first.

First a buyer places an order and pays for it.
Then you do the work.

If you’re doing the work without the order being placed, there’s nothing that Fiverr can do about it.

As for the buyer not answering your messages, why would he? He got what he wanted for free.

lol that’s the oldest trick in the book, I fell for it when I was starting out too, and for about the same amount of money. Never mind–it’s a cheap lesson, and karma exists in threefold.

G********t necrothread!

You fell for it again? Man… lol. I’m sorry mate, but you should have learned your lesson the first time around. See you again in another 2 years?

We just can’t help ourselves, can we? Usually I end up looking at 10+ posts before I realize it.

If you didn’t learn this in 2014, I can’t have a lot of sympathy. Don’t do work until after the user orders. If you choose to do so, they don’t have to pay you and that’s the end of it.

Second, if you break the forum rules again and call out a user on the forum, your forum posting privileges are likely to be restricted. You’ve been here long enough to know better on both issues.

Either you can find out who your buyer is, where they live and send a particularly vicious flying monkey after them or you can just… Well, never ever do work without an order being placed.

That said, since this has apparently happened a couple of times now, maybe also write that down somewhere in big letters and have a quick glance over at it every now and again?

Seriously though that’s all you can really do I’m afraid and even I wouldn’t know where to get my hands on a flying monkey.