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Buyer didn't provide enough materials and is not responding


Hello, I would like to ask what to do in a situation when the buyer didn’t provide me enough materials - text for the design. He send hudge presentation and said he wants a condense brochure of that. Also in my service there is two sided flyer or bi fold brochure and he wants tri fold, so I said he needs to provide me text and needs to pay more for tri fold and he didn’t answer anymore. The time of delivery is passing soon I was already asking few more times for any info and no answer. I don’t want to cancel because it will influent in my profile. Anyone has similar experience and can help me to solve it without having bad consequences for me? Extending delivery time I know is the option but the guy anyway doesn’t answer so guess doesn’t plan to provide me text.
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Hello Kinga,
I believe you also see this in the order requirements page:

As you have requested for additional cost and he hasn’t respond, i suggest you to deliver the bifold brochure as soon as possible. As soon as you have deliver the bifold, then you could offer an upgrade to trifold. Just don’t let yourself stepping in the “late delivery” zone by waiting for his responce. He get what he pay, so as long as you don’t approve his request for trifold, then deliver the bifold.


Thanks for the answer, but still how I can do that without having a text. I mean he send me big presentation for 30 pages and wants me to make that presentation shorter… Its not my work, he should provide me exact text. And even I do bifold and choose some random text from his presentation he will ask for revision and then he will leave bad comment in the end. Is the one option to solve that or there is another possibilities?


Either do as you said here:

and if he asks for revisions then ask him to pick up the tests and you apply them.
or you can cancel the work, unfortunately, you have no other option.

IMO, don’t cancel, and do the work completely.


You get it, then don’t do if that’s something that outside your gig scope.

Since i don’t know about the text, I think you could just pick the headline or the first sentence on each paragraph. Just put them neatly on the bifold and deliver it to him, then tell him that the delivered work is intended to show him the layout and the overall design. You should also ask for his feedback regarding to the delivered work and tell him clearly that you don’t provide any edits on the text as it is not on your gig scope.

The bottomline is: save yourself first and buy some more time until he respond to your messages.

I really know about how you feel and how bad the situation is. In my opinion, you should consider in keeping good communication from your side.

If it doesn’t work, you should open a dispute for requesting delivery time extension as he doesn’t provide sufficient information/not responding. Just pick one that you think match with your current condition.

If you haven’t know about a little fact of dispute, here it is:
sometime buyer’s attention is easily drawn when it comes to order dispute.



I know this is very critical situation and I have gone through this situation a lot of time. Just deliver the service which the buyer pay for. He will request revisions then you can clear everything and ask extra payment. Don’t worry about the bad review. Try to impress your client