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Buyer didn't reply me in working process


Hi there, i’m Cain, an 2d freelance artist who work on your fiverr almost 2 yesrs. Someday recently, i had an order, buyer asked me for a rush order in 4 days and request me to send their sketch. I did, but from the moment order starting they didn’t reply me at all, though you can see they online every 30 minutes and i notice they many time. No reply when i sent sketch, no reply when i suggest they cancel order too. i dont know what they really want. Now i realized that if they wait till 12 next hours they can cancel my order and rating me 1 start because i late, but it’s not my fauth. What should i do? I sent a mess for custom support and ask can they close order for me within 12 hours, but dont know why i can’t delivery my report.

Thank you so much and wait to hear from you !



Hi Cain,
I’m sorry hearing that tough experience.

Thanks for writing in details and if you post the latest update we’ll learn how to handle this situation.

Good luck.


Why don’t you deliver your order?

I think client just meant that they wanted to see the sketch in the process and it might be if they are not commenting anything they are ok with and waiting for the full design?


I don’t think it’s a good idea, because as the first time they talked with me very normally and want to have finished work as soon as possible, but keep silent from the moment i sent sketch although i asked is the sketch ok as least 4 time and last time i tell if they still keep silent i need to cancel this order, they still didn’t say anything. I don’t think somebody can online every 30 minutes but hard to send an ‘ok’ reply like that. In forum they have many case about buyer put order and then keep silent, and refuse to pay at the end because that not what they want, and be accepted by fiverr/paypal but still can get work and put bad review. I have many order that i need to done instead of focus on their order- that i dont know will it put me in trouble or not, it will took me a lot of time too (not a small order).


Thank you! I delivered them my sketch and then cancel order to stop the countdown clock. When they realized i won’t done their request until they say they accept sketch, they argeed to cancel. What a waste of time of me but now a busy time with me and i have no time to do with them.