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Buyer Didn't Respond Me After First Message

When ever the buyer message me like “I want something…”, I directly respond to the buyer that please send me your idea and also let me know you budget, many of the buyer don’t reply my message, if someone do but whenever I send the custom offer he think a lot and most of them are gone.
Could anyone tell me what’s the problem which i doing, my gig description, portfolio, review everything is perfect but still…

Without being rude, this might be the cause.

You say on your profile that your English is fluent, which is what potential buyers will be expecting. They may be disappointed when they find it’s not the case and you’re apologising for your English.

You could always change the level of your English on your profile so buyers’ expectations are more realistic?

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, I also often meet such things like this , but I don’t really care about that , because I thought buyer do not really know what they want at the . moment or do not ready for order , and also maybe looking for other seller , so it’s not a really big problem if they don’t answer again , just wait for the next buyers . My English also so so , but most time I can understand buyers :slight_smile: