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Buyer didn't respond to the extended delivery time offer

I’m facing an issue regarding the buyer response. i had an order with 1day delivery time after finishing the task the buyer asks for some additional task and I accept that and give an extended delivery time offer but he didn’t respond that offer. but now fiverr showing me LATE. and
Please deliver your completed work or [request to extend due date]
Timely delivery can result in returning buyers.”

what should I do now?? is it gonna affect my profile?? please help me out

Be patient, wait for the buyer. If they accept it will be added on. If they don’t respond in a few days contact CS.


Thank you so much for the advice .

It not affect to your ratings. So, If your buyer not respond it. Don’t worry. Try to complete your order and deliver it. I think you can complete it within 24hours. Because you told, it is 1day delivery work.

However, add question request to fiverr CS.