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Buyer didn't submit enough info

Hi all!

I recently received an order for my 2-day gig. The buyer did not provide many details, but since he technically wrote some words for the requirements, the timer started ticking.

Over the last day, I have sent 2 messages requesting that he provide more information and have not received any. There are now only 11 hours left before the gig is due and I’m not sure how to approach this.

What should I do in this situation? Would you recommend canceling the order or requesting an extension?

I’ve only been selling on Fiverr for a month, and I don’t want this to affect my standing.

Thank you,



Unfortunately, canceling is only option if you do not have enough to finish the order.
And notify CS. It will affect your account. I just had cancelation and from that moment zero messages are coming in.

But I am in the middle of rebranding entire portfolio so it doesn’t bother me.

Add in all your GIGs requirements questions, here are my examples:


Thanks to one of your previous posts I’ve done something similar.



We can only try to prepare for every eventuality… Even then, life will throw the odd curved ball our way I’m sure but the tip is appreciated, thanks.


I know these are not 100% full protection especially after getting order in middle of the night where he kindly clicked yes on everything, yes, he communicated with me in inbox, yes, we agreed on pricing, yes that he knows I live and work in Europe, Yes that he knows the difference between my time zone and his and then:

02:00 AM Hello?
02:01 AM Are you there?

02:05 AM Can you give update on my order?
02:07 AM Hello?


I feel for you: we can never overestimate the stupidity and ignorance of the average human, and we need to remember, half of them are even more stupid and ignorant that that.

Sometimes people astound me so much I question if I’m really from this planet, and if I’m not, I want to know where is home and when can I go there?


I would ask for an extension using the resolution center. Sometimes that does the trick. The email they get about a resolution is a bit more commanding than an email about a message.

It’s probably worth a try.


You can contract with your buyers and send him current project. other wise project will be rejected or rating can be down. I have to try this project in time. if you don’t do this, you can submit your project. when buyer will revision your project, you will correction description.


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You can’t send the buyer your order. And even if you could, if the buyer doesn’t respond to her messages, they wouldn’t respond to her sending her order.