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Buyer didn't supply all information needed


I have a current buyer, he didn’t supply the whole information needed. And he ordered one of my express gigs. It seems it will take him days to get them. Well, this is because he is new to fiverr, ignorant and didn’t know way to go. So please wat is the best thing to do? Do I cancel? Do I ask him to cancel? Do I tell him that I will send a file to him as a delivered gig, he should confirm it, and when he provides the info, I dod his job and deliver directly to him?

I want to know. Wish I can avoid gig cancellation. Am only two gigs away from level 1. Please I need advice. Thanks


Whatever you do, DO NOT deliver the gig and say you’ll send him the completed work when he responds.

I initiate a cancellation request which stops the clock from ticking down and sends them a message. In the message I say that they haven’t submitted all of the necessary information and at which time they can reject the cancellation and submit the appropriate info for you to be able to complete the order.


@ adnagam. Thanks for your advice.

Well, I mutually agreed with him to deliver a file as the gig. So that when he provides the details, I do his job. He consented and has even given me a positive review.

Anyway, he said its because he has earned my trust already and loves my service and my reviews.