Buyer didn't use revisions provided now wants to cancel


Buyer requested revision which i was more than happy giving but they never told me specifically what to change, never replied for days, time for the order was running out so I asked to extend the time they declined and said cancel order, sorry for wasting your time, they didnt even use the revisions that were there for them or even told me what was wrong when i spent 6 days working on a order to make it perfect and nothing no response but cancel please??? I mean should I just cancel it or not, they sound like they are trying to steal from me or something, im not sure what to do.


You have a choice, as far as I am concerned -

  1. Make a stand. Tell them you won’t cancel. Let them know you have delivered what was asked and you deserve to be paid.

  2. Cancel and give a refund to protect your ratings.

I don’t know what the right answer is. With a lot of great ratings behind me, I would be tempted to go for the first one. If I had only been on Fiverr a few weeks and needed to protect my status, then I would choose the latter.


AShauna, I used to feel the same way. That was before someone gave me some great advice. I believe the best practice now is to deliver your first draft, by “delivering now.” Then, if your client would like a revision, they would simply “request modification” to return the order to your queue. The benefit for you is threefold. First, your orders will never be late, it is my understanding that it’s the first delivery that matters as far as “late” is concerned. That is important to understand. Second, it’s an efficient way to manage your order queue, and third, a lot of times a buyer will be satisfied with your first delivery, and if they take no further action, there gig is automatically marked complete by the system and we get paid.

As an aside, whenever a gig is closed by the system, I’ll usually inbox the buyer and ask for a review. I might say something like: “I noticed that our most recent orders were marked complete by the fiverr system, and not by you. I hope you’re happy with your audio. As you know, If there is anything I can do to make it better, please let me know. Could you please do me a favor? You probably didn’t know (I recently learned this myself), when a buyer doesn’t review my work, my gig loses placement in the fiverr search algorithm. If you are indeed satisfied, I would be grateful if you could leave a review… it doesn’t have to be long. Those reviews really help me grow my business, and stay relevant on fiverr, and pay the rent. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!”

I hope this helps. Keep doing! and good luck!! Jamescott