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Buyer disappeared after delivery


Hi Guys, completed an order 2 days ago, the buyer has disappeared after receiving the delivery. He simply got the delivery and now doesn’t reply to my messages. And the order is still waiting for rating after it has passed two days of due date.
Any help will be very much appreciated.


Buyers don’t have to leave a review. Your order will auto-complete 3 days after you delivered it, and your funds will clear 14 days after that.

The buyer may return to leave a review, remembering it was Boxing Day when you delivered, so they may have been busy. No need to message your buyer after delivering - they might find it annoying. :wink:

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


You are selling a product, not developing a pen pal. Take the money, let the order autocomplete and forget about it. Do you fill out the survey you get on the bottom of every store receipt?


If you send too many messages after delivery, the buyer might get annoyed and could even leave a negative review because of that. I think it’s better to just let them do what they do.


Don’t message them and let it go. Your order will be marked complete after 3 days of delivery as @offlinehelper said. Some sellers pull up their pants and go away after their business.

Don’t ask me why I mentioned that pants thing.


Do you also pull up your pants and go away after the business is done? :yum:


Will I get a review, if the order auto completes and the buyer has vanished without leaving a trace?


Buyers have 30 days after the order was marked as complete to rate your service.

However, keep in mind that buyers are not obliged to leave a review.