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Buyer disappeared for a week after completion

Hello. I think I might have done something wrong so I want to explain.

I’ve had an order placed and it was a 24 hours order. An hour after the order was placed, I sent some examples for the buyer to review. After I sent the examples, I got no answer for 23 hours. Since there was a time limit, and if I didn’t send any files I would be labeled with the “late delivery”, I sent the examples again as the project itself, and wrote the buyer why I did it and I would complete the service, so that I told them not to confirm anything until we finished the order. The thing is, after 3 days, the order got autocompleted and the buyer is gone for a week now. The money is in my Fiverr account and the buyer is not coming back. What should I do? Should I wait for the 14 day period and contact Fiverr if the buyer still won’t come? Or should I immediately contact Fiverr to send their money back?

I think you just had an absent buyer. As long as you did what they instructed, you did your job and do not beat yourself up over if they will or will not come back.

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Hello mate, this happens. Best thing is to wait it out. don`t worry about it. i had a contract order and the customer stopped responding after i submitted and it got auto completed. What i did was sending a message in the chat that they can reach out anytime if they want me to make amendments. so far its two month and i heard nothing back. point is that at least i can say i did my part plus showed customer care.

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