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Buyer Disappeared?

Well I’ve had a little confusion with a buyer just now. I suppose they were new. Problem was they ordered 3 gigs from me, but didn’t fully complete the order with the information I requested, instead they sent that information in a message. I spent 30 minutes trying to explain to them that they need to put that information in the order. I couldn’t deliver it otherwise. So they finally get it, and the next thing I know the account is gone but the orders are still there.

Do I need to cancel them? Will they go away eventually? Has anyone else had a problem like this?

I had that issue a few times. It usually happens when the buyer click the order button accidentally. Until the moment the buyer fill the information requested, the order is not valid, so no worries, fiverr wont take that order as canceled, then your rating wont get lower.

Anyway, I know it sucks when that happens :wink:

I’d throw a ticket to Customer Support just to be safe. Maybe even just fill the order in the meantime as well. I know it may end up being work for nothing, but better to fill it, and not get the money due to them cutting and running (at least they did it before they got the goods) than not filling it and the order goes late, you get a negative review, and have to then RELY on CS to fix it. Which will take time and some hassle while you have a negative review dragging you down for a few days. (Which in the new V3 Fiverr, is not fun at all. It can screw up your sales funnel for weeks.)

Just my take. Good Luck!