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Buyer Dispute - No Communication

So I have heard a lot of bad stories about bad buyers on this platform and I would read them and think “Well crikey I hope that doesn’t happen to me” but after only 2 months of being here I am dealing with a pretty bad situation :frowning:

So I received an order from a customer who purchase 8 logo animations from me for $15 but what I thought was odd is when I went to the order details the customer had given absolutely no information. He had just sent me two different files. one of this logo in black and white and another in green. I immediately asked the customer for more information as to what he wanted and I had no reply. 2 days passed and I had messaged a couple more times.

As the delivery time was close to finishing I began to create 8 animations that I thought looked great since I had no idea exactly what the customer wanted. I spent about 4 hours working on this and popped the final animations into a zip file and sent it to the customer.

I mentioned on the delivery that since I had no information from him there may be revisions needed and that would be fine, he could simply let me know what he wanted and I would revise.

Another couple days went by and then I had out of nowhere a dispute opened against me with the buyer asking to cancel the order :frowning:

So he did not contact me
He did not ask for revisions
He did not give me basically any info to work on
he did not message me in any way

He simply asked me to cancel the order after I already delivered to him in a zip file (Which now I think might have been silly as they are not watermarked)

So what can I do? I feel like this customer is going to ruin my stats and reduce my chances of future business :frowning:

Any help guys?

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I am sorry that you had such a bad experience. There are a few things I would’ve done differently. For example:

I would not have proceeded to work on the order because, clearly, I did not have the additional information needed to fully understand my customer’s requirements/needs. This is a big mistake some seller do, imo. Never do that.

As soon as I realize that my customer is not responding to my messages (and that the order deadline is drawing near), I would immediately contact CS and request an order cancellation/extension (if you have hopes that the buyer might contact you in the future).

Many sellers, at some point or the other in their Fiverr journey, come across such buyers. Unfortunately, the only thing we can do is contact CS and get the order canceled. The only thing you can do after that is pray/hope :pray: that the cancellation, somehow, miraculously, doesn’t affect your order completion rate.

Irrespective of what your buyers demand of you, always keep the watermark turned on as that feature exists to protect sellers and their delivered products/services.


wow, lesson learned. :frowning:

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Hey, no worries. Everyone goes through a steep learning curve at the start of their Fiverr career. :slight_smile: As long as you continue to grow and improve, you are on the right track. Good luck!

You could invest some time reading a few forum posts about buyer-seller issues to understand how to better handle such troublesome/tricky situations.

I shall, thank you for your comments.