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Buyer dispute the order after delivery

When I do his work very well but the buyer I don’t know why he dispute the order but I declined the order to cancel and then I send them message in chat I do your work very well it again then he said yes I am sorry you did great job … now he want to complete and give me great review but he said I have no option is coming to complete the order ?? Help me please is my order is completed with in 3 days or what will happen now buyer is agreed now ??

Several things do not make sense here.

Your English is poor and while this seems to you like it explains the details, it does not at all.

If someone treats you poorly, why would you reach out to them for more? It seems to me right now that you are begging to this person and they are looking to use you more.

I cannot hep but assume that there is something that is not being understood and told so whatever anyone says will be poor advice.


Maybe he is experiencing problems with his account. If he does not take any action the order will be automatically completed in 3 days.

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Thank you for reply just confirm me that order will be completed after declined date or delivery date ??