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Buyer Disputed An Order Already reviewed


im New Here and 2 days ago i just got an order and yesterday the buyer are reviewed me positive. but last night in 10 hours ago… he disputed the order. why fiverr is allowing them to do that. yall know poeples can use this bug or whatever u called this can makes them freely littering this website. and dear fiverr dont yall even worry about them growing to be lot of poeples are using this bug? sooner or later this place will be known as a scammer (a buyer scammers can makes fiverr scam too). Please elaborate Fiverr.

im sorry about my english is not pretty good. but i hope you all understand what i said.


Did you contact fiverr support about this issue?


yes i did… still waiting the reply


Wait to get an update from support, hopefully you will get the best result from them.


here support said, i don’t think the funds will be back to me…

I hope this message finds you well. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
Upon reviewing the order I was able to notice that this was cancelled due to a chargeback filed for the payment of this order with the buyer’s financial institution and the funds are now being held by them.

Please bear in mind that when this happens, we may cancel the transaction or put it on hold as a security measure for our users and to keep a safe environment.

Our Trust and Safety team is currently reviewing the buyer’s account as we don’t have the funds and buyer’s filing disputes is a violation to our Terms of service, whether intentional or purposely held by the payment vendor for screening. They must resolve this matter with their payment provider first.

Once we have an update we will get back to you on this ticket.