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Buyer disputed. I Did All the Things He Instructed


I have become very disappointed with few buyers. A buyers ordered me to do a job. Help needed for a fraud order
I did this to avoid cancellation. I did all he instructed. But he send for revision. I asked "Please send me more information, what to do more. I didn’t get any more information in the instructions.
No caption was found in the instructions for profile picture " . But now he opened a dispute. What can I do?

. Please help me. [tag removed by moderator], [tag removed by moderator]


Please delete or edit the screenshot so the buyer’s name isn’t visible.


After posting, I saw that and made an edit. Thanks


My previous suggestion was:


I completed the job as his instructions. I opened an instagram account and send this to him. All instructions have been done successfully. At that time, I did not want to open an instagram account. To avoid cancellation, I did it later.


Please don’t private message other forum users who you think might be able to help.

Just ask your question on the forum, and you will get replies.


Thanks. Actually I thought I might get help soon. I am deleting the invitations on message.


That would have been your best bet - a cancellation (mutual) is better than a bad review.


Should I “accept” or “decline” the dispute?


If the buyer’s asking you to cancel, then yes, I would accept.


You should contact Customer Support before accepting… because you said you did your job done.:slight_smile:


If CS resolves the problem, can the buyer send a bad review?


According to the buyer…it sounds like you made an “empty” delivery? You should have cancelled the order if you didn’t have the required information to complete it.


Yes, He can.
You can cancel this order too.:slight_smile:


You haven’t said what this order involved, what you did, or what the buyer says you haven’t done. If you want any kind of advice, at least break the problem down into an understandable timeline of events and details.

No one can give you any real advice otherwise.


How to cancel? Please, send any link if you can.


Just accept the Order Dispute.
The order will be cancelled.


Well, both you and your buyer should be reported to Fiverr and kicked off the platform.

You’re offering illegal services and your buyer is trying to scam you to get these illegal services free. You have no course for recourse here. The finger of the universe has simply decided to point and laugh at karma in action.


No hearts left! :purple_heart:


Thank you so much. I always try to avoid this type of job. What can I do? I am new to fiverr. Few buyers ordered without informing. I posted it earlier. Help needed for a fraud order
How to avoid this type of job. Please help.