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Buyer disputed. I Did All the Things He Instructed


You haven’t said what this order involved, what you did, or what the buyer says you haven’t done. If you want any kind of advice, at least break the problem down into an understandable timeline of events and details.

No one can give you any real advice otherwise.


How to cancel? Please, send any link if you can.


Just accept the Order Dispute.
The order will be cancelled.


Well, both you and your buyer should be reported to Fiverr and kicked off the platform.

You’re offering illegal services and your buyer is trying to scam you to get these illegal services free. You have no course for recourse here. The finger of the universe has simply decided to point and laugh at karma in action.


No hearts left! :purple_heart:


Thank you so much. I always try to avoid this type of job. What can I do? I am new to fiverr. Few buyers ordered without informing. I posted it earlier. Help needed for a fraud order
How to avoid this type of job. Please help.


If there’s something you can’t or won’t do, ask for a mutual cancellation before you start.

You could have avoided all of this. :frowning_face:


You are last dependable person for me here. That’s why I always tag you in my post. Sorry if I disturb you. I am new to fiverr you know.


Thanks, thanks and thanks


There are lots of helpful people here, but you need to take their advice when it’s offered, not ignore it.

Good luck! :sunny:


I am accepting the dispute. it will be better for me. won’t it?


So, it’s settled then. You’re going to take @offlinehelpers advice, and move on, right?


How to accept the dispute? What to reply as the buyer told Capture


Go to the resolution centre on the top right hand corner of the order page, and you can cancel the order from there.


Write this on your every Gig "please, inbox me before placing an order. We should discuss First what you need"
Something like this you should add on your every Gig. Then buyers will contact you first before purchasing.:slight_smile:

You can apply this trick.:slightly_smiling_face:


Although your advice is helpful, Fiverr isn’t designed so that every buyer should contact the seller before ordering.

It’s a much better idea, if it’s possible, for sellers to organise their gig description, requirements etc. so that little or no discussion is required before ordering.

Sorry - it’s not a trick! No ‘tricks’ work on Fiverr. :sunny:


Thanks, I am thinking about this for few days


@sultanraji you are most welcome.:slight_smile:


There is no option. Just showed me this message. Capture

Should I accept the dispute or decline the dispute now?


Have you tried clicking on ‘view dispute’ and follow the instructions from there?