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Buyer do not fill the requirement


hallow everyone ,
one of my client buy my gig in December 2018, but he does not give me the requirement file still now (today February 28, 2019 ).
i give him a reminder many times, but he does not response , even I send him many Message but ho do not replay me what can i do now !

thanks in advance for your advice


Hey mdjonysr!
You shouldn’t spam the buyer with messages, I usually send a reminder a day after the order was created and then another one a week later, then you should just leave it to be. as you can see, I have 4 buyers that haven’t filled out the requirements, so it always happens. If the order has been there for more than a year, just contact cs to cancel it, besides that, you can’t really do anything.


You can cancel it now . This will not affect on your profile .