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Buyer do not want to accept the delivery

Some time ago we accepted an order, an order that was not profitable for our team, we made a discount of about more than half of money, and that’s because it was our first animation order here. And also we decided to make the animation more than was in the order, to make it not just 1:06 sec but to do it 1:26 seconds because we wanted our customer to be satisfied.

We started to work and everything was okay,
we did character designs which was changed 3 times (just sketches) and he accepted it.
Backgrounds, 3 of them, was revisioned also

And we started the animation
I showed him first 15 seconds,
we changed some detailes which was okay because he said that it is perfect so we moved on.

Then when I showed him changes he said that in the club should be more people and also animated, our team said okay, first customer so we moved on and added for free some people in club.

we already fixed the girl character 2 times but on the 6th day of the animation he said that he want another change of the skin collor with bigger lips with hair and eyebrowns, bassicaly we had to change the girl from begining of the animation which was at that day in 30 seconds of animation.We was ready to do that.
Then after some minutes he is saying that the other character (the boy) also need to be changed, that means we need to do from begining all the animation.

Then he said “i dont see why you would go through with starting the animation before you got confirmation on the final colors/design.” But he accepted the design before, and that got us confused, because he told us about the hair and the nose after the 6 days of work,
we had 4 more days on work and he is saying that we need to change all the animation from begining.
Okay, we accepted and start to work hard to make the animation from begining, to be in time.

At the next day we already had 30 second of animation, we worked 24/7 for that, and then again he is saying that the girl need to have other color of the lips and to make them bigger.
Okay that is just 4 more hours of work, and we did it also.

And at the next the he “just realized” that the “dog tag” on his character need to be bigger and with other colors.
2 days before the delivery time, we changed the “dog tag” size and also again the color of the girl, which again it is more of work for revision, but we had just 1 revision in our offer, we again accepted and started to work.

Then he added 5 days more to work.

He required again to change the lips color to girl and eyebrowns of the boy, but some days ago he said that it is okay. Then in this day our patience began to end.
But we added this changes too.
Then we started to work more harder because we had to change all animation from begin and to end it in 6 days left.

We started to work again from begining.
3 days left and he is saying that the hair on the boy is wrong, and we need again to change it, at that moment we had done about 50 seconds of animation.
We again said okay and worked 8 hours aditional to change the hair of the boy from begining.

In 3 days some of us (me and 1 girl in my team) did not sleep to get the work done in time.

When 1 day was left we sended him the second part of the animation, to show him and to change something if it is wrong. He didn’t say anything, and we thought that it is okay.

We did 1 minute and 24 seconds, 18 seconds more than it was in order.

We delivered it in time but again he wanted to change something and take a revision. He wanted to change AGAIN from very begining the color of the pants of the boy, but he seened it already in the first seconds of animation and told u that it is perfect, one boy in my team was pissed off and refused to work more for free.
Me and the girl said okay and changed the color in 4-5 hours which was already late.

Then on the next day he again wanted a revision, with the animation details, we said okay and did them.
After he wanted to render the animation in MP4 format,
I said okay and did it,
then he said why it is so big, it was 120 MB, and I got confused but okay I did it in 24 MB.

Then on the next day when I asked why he do not confirm the delivery he said we need to do some fixes. I was soooo tired and said okay.
He wrote 4 pages of A4 what wee need to change, that was more than half of animation. Then I realised that it will never end.
And after some revisions more I write to him that my team refuses to work for free more, which I thing is okay because we had in our order just 1 revision but we did a lot of more.

I said the price and he refused, said to send him the source files,
I told him that it wasn’t in the order but I will send it to him if he will accept the delivery, and now he did not respond yet,
What should I do ? I am so tired, my team is pissed off and does not wants to work more with me.

I think that he wants to fool us and to get the animation for free.

P.s. Sorry for my english.


You can knock to fiverr support with message screenshot.

Contact customer support and explain the issue.

Are you delivered a gig with unlimited revision?

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It seems like he is taking advantage of you guys


No, it had just 1 revision

I contacted the support, they just do not want to help us. They said that even if we put in order just 1 revision, we had to do the work until the buyer will be satisfied. 0 help from them

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So demand from buyer to click the revision button then you (The seller) need to apply it.
Edit: after your 1 revision the order will be auto completed after 3 days from your latest delivery.

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What? What that mean ?

But he is keeping requiring revisions, even if I putted 1 revision, how can I do that ?

He requested revision on the message inbox?

No, he is requesting revision after I deliver the work

So that’s the solution.

nice, fiverr good help for buyers.

And 0 help for sellers

Of course because the buyer is the source of funding :wink:

That’s not logical because if fiverr will not help with this deal that I am having right now will be canceled and they will have also 0 profit from this.

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When buyer is refunded, he still can buy again from an other seller.

I understand it’s your first client here but you did let him get you into that position.

Now you can only tell him that he had only one revision included and you happily provided x amount of revisions for free as a nice gesture. However all other revisions will be as an extra and send him a custom offer right away for x amount of $ for next revisions. If he doesn’t accept it then redeliver your work and state that you delivered everything as promised in your gig description and even more and to proceed with other changes he will have to accept your offer for extra revisions.

And always remember it’s on you to push back clients who’s asking more revisions than included. On you, not on fiverr.


Okay, thanks for advice but if it is not on fiverr then why they added revision system and left the seller to chose how many revisions to do if the buyer can abuse this system and to require revisions to infinite?