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Buyer do not want to give information

Buyer do not want to give information


Please explain your situation. What information buyer isn’t providing to you?

Please try to contact the buyer about the required information.

If buyer fails to provide you necessary information please contact Fiverr support for their suggestion.

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I am Bookkeeping seller,Here is my profile mayna9349, when buyer place order they say any information need they provide but next they are not provided proper information, its an unethical work for me to made an financial statement, they don’t want to understand my professional ethics, they provide a few information that is not sufficient to complete that project.
their behavior is not suitable to work and they are not received my delivered work.

I think you should inform it immediately for Fiverr support. They will take necessary initiative.

No, you don’t bother them with this. That’s why they’re swamped.

We handle these ourselves. She should just cancel it.