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Buyer does not answer

Hi, my customer does not reply to my messages since 3 days, he also doesnt log in since 3 days. I sent him by message updates of my work, but he still does not anser… I have only 5 days to deliver my work, but I am loosing precious time since he doesnt see it and likes it. What can I do?

it’s not your fault if the buyer doesn’t respond to the messages. Did he gave you enough detail to make a complete/finished work?


yes, but my fear is that he will never reply in the next five days and will not be able to accept my delivery… and Fiverr will mark it as undelivered, Idk

It happens.

Some Buyers are really busy.

Don’t sweat it.

If you don’t hear back, then it’s a signal to you that you shouldn’t work for this Buyer again.

Remember, holidays and family emergencies can pull a Buyer away, too. Maybe this is what has happened to your Buyer.

Be patient.

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I would go ahead and deliver it. That way it cannot be marked as ‘late’ or ‘undelivered,’ and the buyer can always request modifications if they need to change something. And if they never respond, Fiverr will mark it as complete after 3 days.

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Thanks you have been really helpful!

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